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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Irish Genealogy Center & LDS Records
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:35:38 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks, Margaret, for the information on the volunteer program with LDS. I am looking into it.

Patti Meyers

Diane and all,

I don't know if I would have much to add regarding the Irish American
Heritage Center gathering LDS indexes and other materials for permanent access for
their patrons. This is something that the Center officials would have to
work out with the LDS itself. The LDS has licenses to microfilm and make
available various records -- their willingness to make those materials available to
another group would be contingent on the nature of their licenses and any
guarantees that the Center would have to agree to honor or fees to be paid.
I'm just a lowly volunteer and not even a church member.

I did check this evening for Irish Birth and Death indexes on extended loan
at Buffalo Grove and there are none available.

It still seems most economical and convenient to me to add to the Schaumburg
collection since they already have the Marriage indexes, but that is up to
the other Listers and the Schaumburg FHC director if they would want to
accommodate the collection. On the other hand, if the IAHC wants to and can
acquire a full range of films, that's great also.

Something for everyone to consider is that all these films are being
digitized rapidly. The LDS Church now needs volunteers to help index those images.
Non-members are welcome and can register to do this online from home or
wherever at _http://familysearchindexing.org_ ( .
They will give you good instructions and you can download images and work as
you wish. You can even chose from the projects listed which you want to do
or take "potluck." If all genealogical society members would lend a hand,
the job will go swiftly and those records will be online for everyone to
benefit -- societies can even opt to do the records in which they are most
interested -- maybe that is the direction in which the IAHC should head -- helping
everyone world-wide and eventually getting access to the records it most wants
without spending a dime. Right now the 1900 US census is the main indexing

Check out the web site link and consider volunteering and maybe suggesting
that the IAHC get on board.

Have a grand lunch!

Margaret McCarthy

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