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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Ancient Order of Hibernians AOH
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:24:19 EDT

After reading lots and lots of the list's e-mails about numerous subjects, I
am totally amazed at how much information you all have. I do have a
question - where do you find all your answers, what resources do you have? You
obviously seem to have been doing this for some time (I am a novice) and seem to
run into stumbling blocks whereever I search so I am curious as how you have
gathered all the data you have.

I would love to attend the luncheon on Sunday to meet all of you and "pick
your brains" but unfortunately we are going to Milwaukee.

You all are certainly fountains of information and should be commended for
what you do.

Thank you.


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