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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 20:37:55 EDT

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>>>Judie Mason Wrote:

>>>Trying to located the two sons of my Godfather FRANCIS KANE b. c 1905
Chicago. Francis was one of my father's best friends, worked for the CPD (not
a police officer) and was killed in an automobile accident in the 1950's or
1960's in Arizona.


My father was Philip Kane (born Chicago 1918), youngest son of Michael &
Annie Kane. His oldest brother was Francis Leroy Kane (born Chicago, 17 April
1905). My records indicate that he was killed in a car accident in Texas in
1960. He is buried at Mount Carmel cemetery next to his mother and father. I
don't know about sons for my Francis or what his employment was. So I don't
know if they are the same guy. (Again some names are a dime a dozen in turn
of the century Chicago.)

Please write back if there is any additional information which I might give

Margaret Kane Ward
Vero Beach, FL

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