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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Film Project
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 21:18:47 EDT

I think Diane's idea of starting with Birth Indexes is excellent.

Schaumburg should be the place to collect the films, which should be in one
place (if any place is willing to house the collection) because

1) It is the most centrally located in the Chicago area (Crystal Lake is
considerably NW of it and Orland Park is very south)

2) They already have the marriage indexes.

This way we don't have to ask one another to do lookups, but can take our
lists to one site and do them all in one visit (depending on the size of our

I think that a donation by out-of-towners for any look-ups is a good idea.
Would Maureen be the person collecting the fee and ordering the films?

I have limited use for the indexes because, with the exception of one
great-grandmother, the Irish lines I'm searching came to the US well before the
Civil Records were begun. I still would be willing to contribute to the fund by
ordering or donating an amount to cover two films for extended loan ($33.50).

I will also check Buffalo Grove for any film indexes presently there.

Within 10 years and possibly sooner, the LDS films will be digitized,
indexed and online, so the microfilms eventually will be obsolete. However, I'd
guess that some of us will be "obsolete" before the films are, so that having
the indexes in the meanwhile would be a great public service.

Is anyone willing to write to the director of the Schaumburg LDS to
determine if they are able and willing to host a collection of some 67 additional
films on extended loan?


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