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From: Nan Brennan <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Project Idea
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 23:34:08 -0500
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Hi Diane,

I think your idea of expanding the number of films available locally
is a good one.

Are you talking about buying the films and donating them to a local
FHC center?
Or donating them somewhere else...possibly the library at IAHC?

How many index films are there? How much would they cost? Where
would we put them?
Which ones would we acquire and how would we decide that?

As I said I think this idea is a good one, but I wonder if a venture
of this type should include other groups and organizations.
A joint effort. I think we should give more thought and discussion
to this idea.

How are the index films organized? Chronologically? County?

Where are you Diane----northside or southside?
Sorry you can't make the next meeting. What location and venue (in
the future) might be one that you would attend?


All Listers:

Just a thought......would a future meeting at IAHC (northside) in
conjunction with their genealogy meeting be of interest?
I think we could figure out the food without much problem. Their
next two meetings are Sunday July 29 and

On Jul 1, 2007, at 11:07 AM, wrote:

> I can't make this luncheon either (and have difficulty with restaurant
> meetings because of my poor hearing) but have another project
> suggestion. I recently
> spent two days in an Oklahoma Family History Center going through
> all the
> Irish civil birth and death record indexes on film, looking for
> likely relatives.
> (My husband and I were going to Oklahoma anyway for a concert...)
> As most of
> you know, if you can find your people in the indexes, you can then
> get the
> actual registration with lots of good information through the LDS
> or the General
> Registry Office in Dublin. I found dozens of good prospects.
> This little center has all the filmed indexes because one
> volunteer, not a
> Mormon, was interested in Irish genealogy and started ordering the
> film years
> ago. In the Chicago area, the Schaumburg FHC has the marriage
> indexes from 1864
> (when registration began for Catholics) through 1905, but it,
> Buffalo Grove,
> and Wilmette have only a few of the birth and death index films.
> The civil records help researchers work backwards in time from when
> most
> ancestors emigrated to when Catholic parish record films end,
> usually around 1870
> because of the new civil record system. Would people be interested
> in pooling
> our resources and beginning a collection of civil record birth and
> death index
> films at one of the local FHCs? (To learn more about the civil
> record system,
> see Grenham or Ryan or go to
> Diane Culhane </HTML>
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