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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Military Records Free Trial
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 23:24:34 EDT

I have been trying to find information in the military records for 10 people
(WWII-Korea-Vietnam). The only one I have found is for the one person that
was killed but the information is not correct. I know I have the right
record in spite of the fact that he is listed as being from Oregon. I know for a
fact that he was never in the state. He is not listed on the site for medals
awarded, yet I have a picture of Gen Westmorland pinning the medal on him &
other medals awarded him at his memorial. 8 of my 10 were
born/raised/departed from Iowa for the service - Army & Marines. Unable to find 7 of those &
the one I did find has so many discrepancies, it may not be the right record.
He served in the Army & Marines & was wounded in the Marines & sent home but
he does not appear on the wounded list or any Marine list. I see a few Iowa
people on different lists but just a few. Is it possible Iowa has not been
copied or released or is my real problem the fact that I'm trying to locate
people that are alive? There are possibly 2 that may not be published because
of the high security jobs they were in while on active duty but there should
be no reason that the others aren't published. I still have 4 others to start
searching from CA, PA, IL (IL - 1 Army & 1 Navy both deceased in the past
few years - brothers who served in WWII). Any help or suggestions on what's
loaded in the newly released military files would be appreciated or what am I
doing wrong?. I'm trying to get this done by 6/6 during the free period.
Thanks - Karen

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