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Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 17:52:17 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks so much for your help. Appreciate knowing about Molly and would have used her by now if I had known of her.

I did look up the death records on the IL database and eliminated one in 1929 or 30 (believe it was), and have been waiting for an obit check on the 1925 one. Have been trying to eliminate them one by one as I didn't want to order death certificates that were unnecessary. Have been waiting a couple of weeks for the obit check and if I don't hear soon, I will definitely contact Molly and have her do them for me.


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Did you look at the State of Illinois online deaths? I found 3 Mary
Stapletons who died apprx 1921 - 1925

STAPLETON MARY F/W UNK 6014239 1921-06-04 COOK
CHICAGO 21-06-07
STAPLETON MARY F/W UNK 6022578 1921-09-23 COOK
CHICAGO 21-09-25
STAPLETON MARY F/W UNK 6027014 1925-10-16 COOK
CHICAGO 25-10-18

Molly Kennedy does look ups at the State Archives if you don't want to check
out the death certificates yourself. She will check all 3 death certs and
only charge you for the one correct certificate. The other 2 she charges a
smaller fee for checking the record. If none are the correct cert, she will
only charge a search fee for each. See _WWW.MOLLX.COM_ (
. I use her. She is good - and fast.

Maureen N

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