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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Mary Stapleton (1853 Rockford,IL to about 1821, Chica...
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 20:18:30 EDT

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Did you look at the State of Illinois online deaths? I found 3 Mary
Stapletons who died apprx 1921 - 1925

STAPLETON MARY F/W UNK 6014239 1921-06-04 COOK
CHICAGO 21-06-07
STAPLETON MARY F/W UNK 6022578 1921-09-23 COOK
CHICAGO 21-09-25
STAPLETON MARY F/W UNK 6027014 1925-10-16 COOK
CHICAGO 25-10-18

Molly Kennedy does look ups at the State Archives if you don't want to check
out the death certificates yourself. She will check all 3 death certs and
only charge you for the one correct certificate. The other 2 she charges a
smaller fee for checking the record. If none are the correct cert, she will
only charge a search fee for each. See _WWW.MOLLX.COM_ (
. I use her. She is good - and fast.

Maureen N

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