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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Danny Boy and I'll Take You Home
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Just wanted to share w/ you ... I attended a wedding this past Friday at St. Cajetan's (112th and Western area).  The cantor for the Mass, who also performed some other songs was from Galway.  His name is Paddy Homan and he was fantastic!  The responsorial was in Gaelic, as were other pieces, with quite a bit in English. 

He has a cd ( and does perform around Chicago.  I plan to go the next time I find him.


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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Danny Boy and I'll Take You Home

In thinking about these songs and how they are not legit Irish songs reminds
e of my lovely German aunt who played the organ at St Gabe's. She wrote
any an Irish song, and played and organized and rehearsed for all the St
atrick shows at Gabe's but hadn't a drop of Irish blood in her. Everyone
he was Irish because she had red hair (Germans do) and blue eyes and her
usband's surname was Philipps and spelled the French way.

ou just never know unless you ask....


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