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Hi Nan,
No I didn't get Ada's death certificate.  I didn't think you could get them from that year.  Or Robert's either.  Can these be obtained?  I didn't see it on-line for Chicago.
There wasn't any family in Sullivan County after 1910.  But that was a good idea.
I've e-mailed marvin about his listing and hope he replies.
This family doesn't want to be found very easily.
Thanks so much for your help.
:-) Barbara

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Barbara, I couldn't find any obits in the Tribune on anyone in this family.
Regarding Robert Sr, did you try to track down a death cert in
ullivan Co NY?

id you get the death cert on Ada?
Someone has a Knock Family Tree with a Neil McDowell, father William
hat person's email is A 1953 local paper in Chicago (The Daily Herald) had a snippet: "Mrs
eil McDowell of Los Angeles was guest of honor
t a luncheon given Saturday by the Cosbys.


n May 21, 2007, at 4:43 PM, wrote:
> Hi,

Someone suggested I join your list and warned me in advance :-)
that you are a great group of folks! So here goes with my McDowell

Robert McDowell married Eliza Byrne (?? Bkyn??) Robert came to
the US in 1841. He was born in 1812 in Clonbroney, 3 miles from
Edgeworthstown. He has an account at the Emigrant Savings Bank.
His brother, Charles, b. 1816 co-signs his brother's account in the

Their Children:

1852 Son is born in Brooklyn, Robert McDowell I call him
Robert Jr.
1853/4 Daughter is born in Michigan. (Eliza) I call her
Eliza Jr. (Why was she born in MI?)
1859 Daughter Ellen is born in Brooklyn, NY This is my

1880 Census shows Eliza, Eliza Jr, Ellen and her husband James
Reilly/Riley and children living in Mamakating, NY.

1886 Robert Jr married Sarah Ann "Sadie" Freeman (b. VA 1865) in
Denver, CO
They have two children. Both born in Denver, CO. Robt is
Secretary Auditor of the CO-Eastern RR till it closes in 1914.

Ada V. born in 1890 who never marries
William Freeman b. in Jun 1893 who marries Gladys Zimmerman (from
NY) in 1915 or so.
They have a son, Neil, in 1916. Born in IL.

1917 I have William's WW I Registration card showing he is in
Chicago working for Quaker Oats. Married, child.

1920 William and his family are living in Topeka, Ohio and he's
working in the cereal business.
Ada is living in a rooming house with what I've concluded is her
mother. Ada's a stenographer. The mother's info is garbled. Male
name but checked female box. States of birth for parents and self
are correct. She's listed as married.
No mention of Robert.

Sadie, Ada, Robert, Gladys and Neil are living in the same house in

1939 William's wife, Gladys, dies from pneumonia. She's cremated
and in the storage shed of Oakwoods Cemetery.

1942 There's a WW II document showing Neil McDowell b. in 1916
married. He's purchasing agent. I think this may be Neil, the
son. I can't find any record of Neil past this point.

1950 Sadie dies and is cremated. Her cremains are in the storage
shed at Oakwoods Cemetery along with Gladys'. (The fellow at the
cemetery was a little surprised to find that.)

1972 William dies. Will?

1981 Ada dies in Chicago. Will?

My dilemma:

What happened to Robert Sr? Can't find a death record in CO.
Haven't come up with one in Denver. Is Sadie really a widow in
1920 in Chicago and the census taker wrote down married instead?

Did Robert Jr. remarry after Gladys' death in 1939? If so, who is
the new family and where are they?
Where did Robert Jr die and where is he buried?

Neil. I can't find Neil anywhere. He's not listed as a casualty
of WW II. So far no info on spouse/children. I'm hoping he had
children that I might be able to contact. Not in the SSDI.
Someone suggested his name might have been Cornelius but can't find
any evidence of that. Just can't find a Neil anywhere.

When Ada died was there a relative that took custody of her
possessions? Where is she buried?

The only other piece of information I know is that the family was
Methodist. Perhaps there's a Methodist Church in Chicago that they

Thanks for any assistance/advice. Still hunting my McDowell's from
Longford, IRE.

:-) Barbara Curtis
Edmonds, WA
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