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From: Judith Mason <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] St. Gabriel's and the surname HAYES
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 13:37:42 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello again, Lucy. I have no idea where the Hayes line were in Chicago or if they even came here. I have information for 6 of the 7 sons of Bridget Hayes and James Mason all here in Chicago by 1880. I think I have also found one of 5 or 6 daughters here in Chicago. I do have a Denis Hayes as a godfather to my grandmother's sister in 1884, but don't any further information to know how to connect him. One day I'll get around to more Hayes research.

Was nice "talking" with you.


Lucy <> wrote:
Thanks for responding. I can't make any connection. I don't know
where the Hayes family originated. A distant cousin thinks it was Cty
Kerry...not much to go on. Did your Hayes people end up on the south
side? My great grandfather had a saloon a block east (Emerald Avenue
and Root Street) of the entrance to the stick yards. Hayes is a
fairly common Irish name, not like Naphin. Naphin (sometimes Nephin),
my married name, is Irish. The highest point in Cty Mayo is Mount
Nephin. Everyone hearing it thinks it's Nathan and that we are
Jewish! Nope, just about 100% Irish, but not 100% Catholic Irish!

I'm up north (Winnetka) since marrying 40 years ago so I don't get to
the great south side much anymore. Grew up mostly in Beverly, (Mother
McAuley) but I have no family there anymore. All my sibs are in the
western suburbs, Grayslake and California.

Good luck in your research. I'm off to the garden center...a
beautiful day.


On May 10, 2007, at 1:29 PM, Judith Mason wrote:

> Lucy,
> What I have is just one page of St. Gabriel's history and
> pertaining to a specific question I asked about the parish priest
> at the time. This does not include a parishioner or founder list.
> Sorry!
> I too have HAYES ancestors. My gr gr grandmother was Bridget
> HAYES b.c.1810 in Ireland.
> Bridget m. James Mason, also b.c.1810 in Ireland. Marriage took
> place July 5, 1830 in the civil parish of St. Patrick's,
> ecclesiastical parish of Parteen/Meelick. I believe the local
> church was also called St. Patrick's and located in the townland of
> Parteen. Other townland connections are Cloonaughter and
> Athlunkard both in very close proximity to Parteen.
> The witnesses to the above marriage were Willian Horan, Thomas
> Sullivan and Norry HAYES.
> Other surnames in my HAYES database
> are....................Edmond, James, Judith, Michael & William. I
> assume they are relatives of Bridget, but have not confirmed this.
> Does any of this information connect with your Hayes line? Look
> forward to hearing from you.
> Judie Mason
> Chicago
> Lucy wrote:
> Hi Judith,
> My great grandparents were founding members of St. Gabriel's
> parish. I am interested to know if in the history of St. Gabriel's
> you have there is any information on the parishioners. The specific
> surname I am interested in is HAYES and KELLEHER. There may have
> been several brothers in the HAYES family. My great grandfather was
> Maurice HAYES, sometimes printed as Morris. I have some baptismal
> and one marriage record. I, myself, was born in Vis.
> I appreciate your time and interest.
> Lucy Naphin
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