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Hi Karen,

Dunning was originally opened as a poor farm or almshouse around 1850.
There was a working farm there until about 1950.
Later an insane asylum was added and an infirmary was added.
There was a cemetery there, too, a "Potters Field" run by Cook County.
Orphaned children were buried there, too. There are also some Civil
War Veterans and unidentified victims of the Chicago Fire buried there.

Around 1912 it was taken over from Cook County by the State of
Illinois and renamed
Chicago State Hospital. It became one of the first training
facilities for psychiatric nurses in the country.
A children's facility was added in the 1930s I think, called the
Horner center.
In the late 60s new facilities were built across the street and they
are still there, Chicago Read Mental Health Center.

The original buildings have all been torn down and south east end of
the old acreage is a shopping complex.
The north west end is being developed now.

Chicago Read was one of the largest mental health facilities in the
United States.

My husband was on the psychology staff there for many years, from
about 1974 to 1999.

I'm not sure but about the name Dunning, Dunning was the name of the
township which was outside the city limits at that time. Maybe the
original settlers of that rural area were named Dunning.


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> I looked through this site & was amazed to see :
> 6400 Irving Park Road (corner of Irving Park and Narragansett)
> Located at Dunning, Ill.
> 6400 Irving Park Road (corner of Irving Park and Narragansett)
> Dunning P. O.
> Dunning, Illinois?? I lived in the area of North Ave & Oak Park
> Ave, not
> that far from "Dunning" as the property was called & that was
> definitely
> Chicago in the 1940's & currently. Where did the Dunning,
> Illinois come from? My
> girlfriend & I took a tour of the place one day at their open
> house in the
> late 50's. Bad idea - I can still remember very vividly, the
> horrible scenes we
> saw, especially the ward where the young mothers, most in their
> 30's, were
> clutching baby dolls. Now they call it post partum(?) depression
> & it can be
> treated if addressed in time. I believe the place has been torn
> down now or
> at least closed. Whatever happened to all of those people ? Would be
> interested to hear more on this if anyone knows.
> Thanks,
> Karen
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