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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Another Chicago Flop House?
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 08:54:47 EDT

Van Buren & State street was in a seedier area of Chicago. I wasn't around
then, but in the 50s that area had burlesque houses on lower State Steet and
in its earlier days I think it was part of the Levee where all sorts of
notorious things went houses of ill repute, that sort of thing. Also
the el train ran overhead. It certainly wasn't a residential area. Not that
your relative was part of that element, but rents were no doubt lower than in
other areas of Chicago. And 300 men in one hotel....probably a lot of day
laborers who may have been down on their luck and couldn't afford apartments or
maybe didn't want the responsibility of keeping up an apartment with no wife.


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