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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] James and Deborah Obrien (Julia Reardon)
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 22:22:37 EDT

Hi Joyce - Hope you had a wonderful day at your grandson's 1st Communion
Isn't that a wonderful occasion to reminisce over? Last year, our 2 grandsons
made their 1st Communion on the 50th anniversary of when I made mine -
special memory.

We just relaxed all day - I sorted pictures and tried to organize all the
e-mails I have.

Bill is beginning to feel better (maybe the nice weather helped) for that
we are most grateful. I think the nice weather helps.

I went to the Newport Historical Society and copied the 1901 and 1911 census
and sorted by townland.
It's interesting to see that in the 1901 Census for Tawnamartola there were
only 5 houses.
Brices - Murrays - Keans - Geraghty and Fergue

The 1911 Census showed: Marley, Geraghty, Keane, Bryce, Murray

SO...Aunt Peggy said my grandmother's grandparents lived "down the hill"
so, let's see: Mary Ann Murray's grandparents were: Martin Murray &
Margaret Keane and Dominick Sheridan and Bridget Geraghty. Possibly the Keane's or
Geraghtys lived close by. Bear with me me - I'm grasping at straws.

I'm trying to get an assocation with the Geraghtys since Anthony bought the
Murray house from one of John Murray's nieces (according to Peter Mullowney)
and current Anthony Geraghty lives there - can't figure what generation he is
though. All this is in trying to find something about Martin Murray,
Margaret Keane, Dominick Sheridan AND Bridget Geraghty. How can they be so elusive?

Hope you hear something from James O'Malley - maybe he can fill in some
blanks. I also hope I hear from Seanas' aunt about his whereabouts.

Well, I think I better close. I have been enjoying the Irish In Chicago but
feel overwhelmed with all e-mails they generate. When I feel more
comfortable I'll have to make a list of questions.

I tried to find Margaret Murray Calhoun in the 1920 Censue hoping she was in
Clevelend, but nothing.
According to your info she was married in 1922 so I would have thought she
had been there in 1920.
I tried the Ellis Island site and nothing there either. They should have an
unique name instead of the common Murray!

As I look at all this informatin I wonder if anyone will appreciate it or if
they will try and delve deeper after I'm gone. In reality they are all just
names - now if we could pictures with each one that would be great.
So far I only have a photo of Mary Sheridan and John Murray - James Murray
(from Seamas) and several of his aunts I do have some of my grandparents BUt
would love to find one of Richard Brice & Mary Chambers.
Don't think that will happen though.

I was organizing some photos today and told Bil I just couldn't understand
how we can have thousands of pictures and there doesn't seem to be any of past
generations. My children could have fire starter for years with all the
pictures we have.

Well I've rambled long enough - best to move on.

Hope yu enjoy what is supposed to be a glorious day tomorrow.

Take care. Love, Nancy

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