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From: Nan Brennan <>
Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Some Mayo families (fr Chicago Irish Families)
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 18:37:48 -0500

Surnames: Murray Walsh McHugh Dever Collins McNichols O'Malia
Frehill Conroy Moran Carney Barrett ?Hegarty

Walsh, Andrew born Nov. 27, 1884 in Turlough, Park, Co. Mayo to
Andrew Walsh and Catherine McHugh, married Nov. 13, 1912 to Evelyn
Murray, born June 12, 1891 in Holy Name Parish of James Murray and
Sarah Gallagher, witnesses: Peter Lannon and Irene Murray (9

Dever, Peter Joseph born Aug. 17, 1885 in Newport, Co. Mayo of Peter
J. Dever, married Oct. 27, 1908 to Anna Murray, born July 15, 1886 in
Newport, Co. Mayo of Dominic Murray, witnesses: Thomas Collins and
Jane McNichols (9)

Murray, Alexander of Boulton, England married to Cecelia O'Malia of
Mayo (30)

Murray, John born Nov. 29, 1908 of John Murray of Mayo and Sarah
Frehill of Mayo who were married at St. Gabriel's May 12, 1899,
residence at 730 W. 43rd (6)

Murray, Katherine born in Newport, Co. Mayo of Dominick Murray,
married Sept. 5, 1909 to Anthony E. Fritz son of George Fritz (Our
Lady of Lourdes parish)

Murray, Mary, at resid., nee Conroy, 2914 - 5th ave., Jan. 11, 1895,
wife of John, mother of Mary, Lizzie, James, Thomas and Theresa
Murray, native of Ballina, Co. Mayo, aged 44 yrs. Funeral from St.
James Church to Calvary (1)

Murray, Patrick, May 7, 1884, native of Westport, Co. Mayo. Funeral
from resid., 3559 Lowe to Nativity Church to Calvary (1)

Murray, Patrick, aged 85 yrs., late of Glenisland, Co. Mayo, father
of James, David, and Patrick J. Murray. Funeral from his son's
resid., 137 N. Clark st. to Holy Name Cathedral to Calvary -Sept. 6,
1895 (1)

Murray, Patrick born in Lahandane, Co. Mayo of Thaddeus Murray,
married Sept. 29, 1909 to Mary Moran, born in Lahandane, Co. Mayo
daughter of Anthony Moran, witnesses: Thomas Neary and Margaret
Coughlin (8)

McHugh, Mary, nee Murray, Oct. 2, 1898, wife of Patrick, aged 27
yrs., native of Ballyglass, Co. Mayo. Funeral from resid., 4317
Wentworth to St. Cecelia's Church to Mt. Olivet (1)

Carney, Thomas J., Alderman of the 18th ward, born in Castlebar, Co.
Mayo July 27, 1835. He came to Chicago at age 17, and entered the
wholesale grocery business as a clerk. In 1859 he married Ann Murray,
and subsequently to Sabina Carney. They had six children. ????)
Carney, Mrs. Thomas, wife of Alderman Thomas Carney, died March 11,
1882, native of Kilbride, Co. Mayo. Funeral from resid., 25 Lincoln
ave. to Immaculate Conception Church to Calvary (1) Their son, Thomas
J. Carney, also was an alderman, elected in the 17th ward (1871), he
was born in Chicago in 1860, and was raised on the north side. He
served with credit on Engine No. 27 of the Chgo. Fire Dept. and
served also on the police force. He was a partner in a feed business
at 65 N. Market st. with William Kelly. (21)

Murray, John At 5408 Marshfield ave., husband of Bridget (nee
Hegarty), brother of Mrs. Barrett and Patrick Murray; native of
Raphlacken, Co. Mayo. Funeral from St. Rose of Lima Church to Mt.
Olivet cemetery. --June 29, 1903 (1)

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