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By the turn of the century Madison Street just west of the loop had turned into "block upon block of buildings conerted into "hotels" rows of secondhand stores and a generous sprinkling of cheap saloons." Railroad workers wre often working far from home as they went where they were sent to work. These types of skid rows in America drew they because of the low cost of housing. The area was mostly torn down in the 1950s. Bill King

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>Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Chicago Flophouse
>Hello All:
> One of my ancesters was said to have died in a Chicago flophouse in the
>1920s. In the 1920 Chicago census he and many other men were listed as
>lodgers at 919 Madison Street. Could this building have been a flophouse? Was
>Madison Street in the sort of neighborhood where flophouses might have existed in
>the 1920s?
> Since I live in Connecticut I have no idea about the history of
>Chicago's neighborhoods (except for the Loop). Can any of you native Chicagoans help?
>Ed O'Hara
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