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Hi Bill,

You can find a list of film nos and the years covered for Mayo
parishes here:
(see below for some lds film info, too)

Where were William and Maggie living in 1895 when they married?
Do you know what parish they might have married in, if they married
in a church?
What you do think (all of you listers!) should we try to zero in on a
church from one of their two address and see if the local (Chicago)
church has a record?

Bill, Are you on the Mayo board?
They are beginning to put up Parish registers along with much more.

If they followed the Irish naming patterns, and it appears that they
did, then it is likely that Maggie's father was Thomas Brady.
There are only three Thomas Bradys in Mayo in Griffiths Valuation and
two of them are in the same parish:

Thomas Brady, Castlemore Parish, Ishlaun Townland (ORD S 74)
Valuation done April 16, 1857
Castlemore Parish is in the PLU of Castlerea and the Barony of Costello

Thomas Brady, Kilmaclasser Parish, Ballynacarriga Townland (ORD S 77)
Valuation done May 16, 1855
Kilmaclasser Parish is in the PLU of Westport and the Barony of
Note: This Thomas Brady shares a property with ............William
Walsh! Tempting!

Thomas Brady, Kilmaclasser Parish, Tawnyemon Townland (ORD S 77)
Valuation done May 16, 1855

Flaxgrowers 1796 has Bartholomew Brady in Aglish and Henry Brady in

Mayo is split between several--I think four-- Catholic dioceses, so
the first thing is to determine what catholic parishes the above
townlands are in.
Mayo has these dioceses:


I think Castlemore Mayo Civil Parish is in Castlemore Roscommon Roman
Catholic Parish!! which would mean it is in Achonry Diocese
The film no is 0926004 according to a note I found on the web**, but
you should check further
Marriages, 1830-1867; baptisms 1851-1859, 1851-1872, 1861-1872;
marriages, 1868-1881; baptisms, 1876-1880.
So take a look at the description for this film no at
You should also look at the description (on lds) for this film FHL
BRITISH Film 1279232 Items 1 - 9
Baptisms, 1851-1872, (copy), 1861-1872, 1860-1911; marriages, 1830-1963.

** q=cache:

Kilmaclasser Civil Parish is in Kilmeena Catholic Parish in Tuam
There is a Catholic Church in the village of Kilmeena.
Kilmeena records from 1858 forward are held locally, so you would
have to write to the parish house.

1900 census
There was a Thomas Brady age 16, born Ireland 1884, emigrated 1885
(baby) living (boarder) in the 19th Wd Dist 593
with a Nugent family at 260 May St. Just wondering if Maggie had a
younger brother Thomas. I know the emigration date is off a few years,
but that is very common.

The only Thomas Brady old enough to be her father emigrated in 1855.

There is another Thomas Brady, born Ireland, who emigrated in 1888:
He is single age 29, born Dec 1870, living at 4245 West Grand,
employed as a Coachman.

There is another Thomas Brady in the 1900 census, age 23, born
Ireland June 1876, emigrated 1890
Living in the 6th Wd Dist159 at 3712 Walllace with a McHugh family
employed as a laborer
There is a Patrick Brady living there also, age 38, born Ireland Feb
1862, emigrated 1882.

Irish to America Passengers: Maggie or Margaret Brady arrived
Boston and NY or Philadelpha

arr Boston June 10, 1889, b 1871,age 18, traveling with Mary Brady
age 26, departed Queenstown and Liverpool, Ship "Catalonia"
arr Boston 15 March 1889, age 9, b 1880, departed Glasgow Scotland,
ship "Manitoba"
arr NY 12 Sept 1889,age , b 1869, b 1871 departed Liverpool and
Queenstown, ship : "City of New York" arr NY
two "maggie bradys" one 20 and one 18 traveling together.
arr Ny 15 April 1889, age 20, departed Liverpool and Queenstown, Ship
Arr NY 15 May 1889, age 19, b 1870, departed L&Q, Ship "City of
traveling with John, Kate and Bridget Brady
Arr NY 4 May 1889,age 24, b 1865, departed L&Q, ship "City of Berlin"
Arr NY 17 April 1889, age 18, b 1871, departed L&Q, ship "Arizona"
Arr NY 25 June 1889, age 18, b 1871, departed L&!, ship "Arizona"
Arr NY 17 Apr 1889, age 21, b 1868, departed L&Q, ship "Germanic"
Arr Philadelphia 21 May 1889, departed Liverpool, Shio "Lord Gough"
** can't read age, looks like destination might be Illinois
Eugene and Anne Brady, 20 and 22 agove Maggie were going to PA

There were 74 Bradys born Ireland that have an immigration year of
1889 in the computerized Ancestry index
Only 2 are in Chicago, interesting, a brother and sister John and
Maggie Brady. But your Maggie was already married to WmWalsh/Welch.
by the 1900 census, right?

I guess I would start with those two films and if that doesn't
produce a birth record for Maggie, then I would write to Kilmeena RC

Looking forward to hearing what the rest of you think?


On Mar 31, 2007, at 9:21 PM, wrote:

> Listers,
> I sent off to GRO for the birth certificate of my great
> grandmother, Margaret BRADY WALSH (WELCH). She was born in County
> Mayo on 31 May 1873, according to family history and her death
> certificate from Chicago, Cook County, IL.
> They checked their records and came up blank. My only thought now
> is to search the church records, but three things stop me. The
> first is that I have no idea who her parents were. Second, I have
> no idea where in County Mayo she was born. Third, I do not know in
> what church she was baptized. I assume that she was R.C., but I am
> not sure. The descendant family is R.C., so I think it is safe to
> assume she was also.
> Are there LDS microfilms I can search? Would it be an exercise in
> futility if GRO cannot locate the birth certificate? What would be
> my next move?
> Bill Karr in Peoria, IL., USA
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