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From: Nan Brennan <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Mc dermotts in Chicago
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 12:38:43 -0600
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Hi Rosaleen and Chicago listers,

The two main papers in Chicago are the Chicago Tribune and the
Chicago Sun-Times.
Here are the websites for their advertising departments: I saw rates
for the Sun-times which I posted below.
I didn't find the rate table for the Tribune.

The Chicago Tribune advertising website is :http://

The Chicago Sun-Times is

This is what is posted for Announcements/Personal
3 lines - 4 days; $42.00 additional lines are $8.00 each

3 lines - 7 days; $47.00 additional lines are $9.00 each

3 lines - 10 days; $53.00 additional lines are $10.00 each

3 lines - 15 days; $57.00 additional lines are $11.00 each

Chicago listers, which paper do you think would be better for
Rosaleen? The Sun-times or the Tribune?
Do you think a Personal would be effective? I'm skeptical.
Even though I read the Tribune, my guess is the Sun-times would be
better for Personals.
Also, I would not advertise in the online edition, I would advertise
in the print edition.
Even though online is 15 % cheaper (at least on the Tribune) I don't
know if online readers read Personals.
What do other listers think about these issues?

I did a search on white pages and there are over 300 McDermotts and
183 Scanlons (including 45 email addresses) in metropolitan Chicago.
Isn't there a national email directory? I am wondering if there is
such if that would be a better way to go. It would certainly be
cheaper and faster and easier than either newspaper ad or a mass
mailing. But I also think "a letter from Ireland" ( a mass mailing)
would be opened and read and more likely to result in a response.
Rosaleen, how much is postage from Ireland to Chicago? Do you use

Nan in Chicago

On Feb 28, 2007, at 4:23 AM, Rosaleen Scanlon wrote:

> I live in Sligo ireland and thought that i might place an a notice
> in the
> classified section of a newspaper.Can anyone give me the name of
> the best
> paper to contact
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