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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Crosstown Expressway
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 12:27:32 -0600

Another off topic post from me:

Just wondering what you Chicagoans think of the prospects of the
Crosstown Expressway possibly being constructed.

I live north and I can't tell you how many times heading south as I
approach the Kennedy Expy from the Edens Expy that I curse over the
fact that the Crosstown expy was never built. How nice it would have
been to avoid the time consuming traffic jams of the city center when
I was trying to get to the south side, west side Midway Airport or
Indiana. I think Chicago must be the biggest city that has all of its
expys converging in the center of the city with no by-pass to
alleviate the traffic. The first Mayor Daley lobbied for that expy
back in the late 60s but the community groups held it off. Now there
is talk of building it. Trouble is I probably won't live to drive it
or the State of Illinois will have rescinded my driver's license by
that time.

Of course, it will mean families and businesses displaced but as I
look at the outline proposed for it it seems that a lot of it will be
built over existing railroad tracks. It will be good for Midway
Airport but not for the folks who live there. Progress, I guess!!


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