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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Drover's Journal_Town of Lake_CommunityMap_WIsconsin Civil War Veterans
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 09:40:16 -0600

1. Does anyone know where the Drover's Journal can be obtained? My
grandfather had a drover's business there and my great grandfather
had a tavern near the gates of the Stockyards. I remember looking out
the window when I was at Visitation grade school to see the
Stockyards in flames. I'll have to look up when that was-probably the
late 40s.

2. Also, I need to find the 1880 (possibly the 1870 too) census for
the "town of Lake", which was outside Chicago's boundaries. That area
was not a part of Chicago until 1889. No census for 1890 exits. Does
anyone know where the "town of Lake" census can be viewed? Online
would be fabulous!

3. I went to:

...and mapped out all my ancestors homes and business locations on
the south side. I can't attach it to this email but I could
individually send it to if you want to see what one looks like. It is
a work in progress and I hope to add a lot more to it and then have
it printed and distributed to my kids and nieces and nephews

4. So many readers of this list seem to have originated in Englewood.
If you email me back I will try and do a count for the group. Just
list the cross streets you were born on and I will write up a report.

Lucy> Garfield Blvd. and Green St.> Visitation Grammar School>1940s

5. Anyone searching for Civil War veterans from Wisconsin? New
material has gone online. See below


Date: February 21, 2007 12:00:58 PM CST

Dear Genealogists and Civil War historians,

One way to get around the stumbling block of the lost 1890 federal
census is with state-level records. We've recently put online three
unique tools that can help solve the classic "1890 problem," as well
as documenting the lives of Civil War soldiers. These are the
Wisconsin Veterans Censuses of 1885, 1895, and 1905.

In those three years, Wisconsin's Secretary of State listed every
Civil War veteran living in the state as appendices to the general
state census. The three volumes contain about 75,000 names
altogether, on more than 1,000 pages, and show information about a
Civil War soldier that's not easily available anywhere else.

Each volume includes not just Wisconsin soldiers but *all* veterans
living in Wisconsin -- including those who served in the Civil War
from other states or who belonged to units in the U.S. Army, Navy, or
Colored Troops. They show the name of each soldier, his rank and
regiment, and the post-office nearest his home at the time the census
was taken.

The lists were originally published as printed books, which we
scanned and mounted on the Web. You can browse their pages
alphabetically or search for surnames; just be aware that the
searchable text was created by machine and is not entirely flawless.
Always browse, if possible, as well as using the search box.

The Veterans Censuses are free. As far as we can tell, they're not
available anywhere else on the Web, including Use the
links below to consult them. If you haven't checked our other
genealogy tools for awhile, you may want to click on those links, too.

Please forward this note to your genealogy friends, and feel free to
post it in a forum, paste it onto your Web site, or print it in your
newsletter. Finally, if you no longer wish to receive notes like this
from us, please send back a reply and we'll delete you from the
mailing list.

Civil War Veterans Censuses:

1885 Veterans Census

1895 Veterans Census

1905 Veterans Census

Other Civil War sources:

Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, 1861-1865

Books, manuscripts, pictures, and museum objects

Guide to battles fought by Wisconsin troops

Other Wisconsin Genealogy Resources:

Wisconsin Genealogy Index (leads to 150,000 obituaries and
biographical sketches as well as more than
2,000,000 birth, marriage and death records filed with the state
before Sept. 1907)

Wisconsin Historical Images (more than 20,000 pictures, including
7,000 of Wisconsin towns and cities)

Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles (50,000 pages of local
newspaper articles)

Dictionary of Wisconsin History (nearly 10,000 people, places,
events, and specialized terms defined)

Wisconsin Magazine of History, 1917-1952

Wisconsin Historical Collections, 1634-1880

Margaret Sracic
Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service
Wisconsin Historical Society

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