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From: Nan Brennan <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Chicago City-Wide Collection 1835-1990
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 01:37:00 -0600
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Hi Beth,

Many of my family worked in the stockyards, too, Armour & Co, though,
more than Swifts.
Drovers was a large bank in that neighborhood, I can't remember
exactly where it was anymore, seems like it might have been around
42nd and Halsted.
It may have been a stockyard employee owned bank. I think it failed
in the late 70s.

BTW did you look at the American Memory Library of Congress site for
Englewood pictures:
If you search "Englewood" there's over 100 results, most seem to be
of the High School, but you can search the streets, too, Normal,
Princeton, Stewart, etc.
I didn't find "St Martin's" buy I may not have used effective search

On Feb 21, 2007, at 6:11 PM, Beth Walsh wrote:

> Hi Nan,
> No, I never looked at the Drovers Journal, in fact, I don't think
> I'd heard of it before. I did a little research and found that the
> paper is actually still in existance!
> Interestingly enough, my mother worked in the Stockyards as a
> secretary at Swift & Co. She worked there in the summers while
> attending Chicago Teachers College (also in the Englewood
> neighborhood), so during the Depression, the family were lucky
> enough to have meat on the table. Both she and her older brother
> worked there. In fact, her brother worked for Swift for his entire
> career.
> Drovers could have something of interest - at least worth a look.
> Most of my father's family worked at the Stockyards in some
> capacity or other at some point in their lives. They mostly lived
> in the Back of the Yards neighborhood (Visitation, St. Anne's,
> etc.) - as you well know!
> Not too much luck on - only 16 people that were
> listed during her years of attendance at EHS (1926-1930) and 6 of
> them are listed as missing.
> Beth
> Nan Brennan <> wrote:
> Hi Beth,
> Thanks for taking the time to give us the benefit of your experience.
> I had not only forgotten you were looking for the EHS paper, shame on
> me I had forgotten your mom was from St. Martins!
> Did you every look at the Drovers Journal? I know it was primarily
> an agricultural (stock yards) journal, but did you every actually
> look at it?
> Also, was there anything of interest on Classmates. com from
> Englewood alumni?
> Nan
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