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From: "Vicki Perry" <>
Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Perry/Pery and Gun-Cunningham
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2006 13:24:37 +0000

I wonder if anyone can help us to solve a family mystery. In the 1881
English census, Henry PERRY is living in Bristol (England) as tutor to
Glencairn H (R or K) GUN-CUNNINGHAM. This child was born, according to the
census in 1871 in Chicago. Henry is from a Tipperary family and it seems
that Glencairn might be from a Wicklow family. Would anybody have any
connections to this family, or know where we can find details of Glencairns
birth or anything about his life or parentage? The H could possible stand
for Henry and the R or K for Robert or King. His father may have been
Dunsmure Stuart Gun Cunningham (also spelt Cuninhame).

We suspect that Henry PERRY may have also lived in Chicago at some point as
well. His brothers ended up in Wisconsin and may have gone via Chicago.
Henry PERRY was born in Tipperary sometime around 1822. The GUN-CUNNINGHAM
family appear to descend from the Earls of Limerick, whose surname was PERY
and may have been distantly connected to the Perrys of Tipperary.

I hope someone can help, I feel like I may be following a wild goose chase,
but if we can work out where the Gun-Cunningham's fit in we may be able to
work out their connection to our Henry!

Vicki Perry

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