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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Gibbons, Moran, Cain, Doherty, Gillman, Langan,Henderson, Elliott, Kellish, Smith, Halloran,
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:30:52 -0400
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Here's a copy of a probate document I found after my Dad died in 2001 -- and
it mentions all of the names above -- plus a couple that were hard to read.

1935(?) VERY FAINT photocopy of a page of a legal document - from the
Probate of Nora Gibbons, deceased. (transcribed in 2002)

State of Illinois

County of Cook

In the Probate Court of Cook County




Docket # 317 [might be 517]

Page 101 [might be 161]

File 176769 [176 might be 178 or 170; 769 might be 789 or 709]



[First column]

Thomas Gibbons

Michel [sic] Moran

John Cain

Julia Cain

Mary Gibbons O'Donnell

Edward Doherty

Mary Gibbons [D or W or ?]alton

Gloria Gillman

Anna Langan

John Langan

Nellie Gibbons [H or ?]arridge

[Second Column]

Mary Henderson

Nora Moran

Thomas Cain

Margaret Cain

Margaret Doherty

Robert Doherty

Anna Gibbons Elliott

Gail Gillman

George Langan

Patrician Langan

Loretta Gibbons

[Third Column]

Margaret Halloran

Jennie Graf

Owen J. Cain

Frances Cain Kellish

Donald Doherty

Paul Doherty

Florence Gibbons [F or ?]leisch

Forest Smith

Catherine Langan

Louis Langen

Jennie Gibbons Heinz

[Typed across ALL THREE columns]

Florence Gibbons, Legatees and heirs-at-law of Nora Gibbons, Deceased:

You, and each of you, are hereby notified that by order of the
Probate Court entered in the above Estate on March 27th, [possibly 1935 or
1939] , the undersigned Loretta Gibbons, Executrix of the Last Will and
Testament of Nora Gibbons, deceased, will sell at public sale to be held at
1214-155 [or 165] N. Clark Street, Chicago, on Wednesday, the 1st Day of
May, 1935, at the hour of 1 o'clock P.M., the following goods and chattels
belonging to the Estate of amtd [presumably, "above-mentioned"] deceased, to

1 promissory note dated April 8, 1925 [year is not clear] made by Bernard J.
Kewin [or Kowin] and wife for $1,000.00 secured by real estate located at
4838 [could be 4939 or 4030 or ?] Forestville Avenue;

2 promissory notes dated August 10, 1929 for $500.00 each, made by John P.
Schofield [name not clear, might be Sarofield, but there are Schofield's on
the KING side of the family] and wife, due August 10, 1939, with interest of
[unreadable single digit - might be 6, might be 0] % per annum, secured by
trust deed on real estate at 9002 [0 might be 6] S. Oakley Avenue;

1 Gold [unreadable four digits] No. 190 on the Sumerdale [sic] Apartments
for $500.00 due August 20, 193[?], with interest of [6 or 0] % per annum;

1 Certificate of Deposit No. 11???? For $1,000.00 at 6% per annum, issued by
the Straus National Bank & Trust Company, dated February 1?th, 1922 [or 23
or ??]

8 shares of the common stock of the John ?. Thompson Company, No. ?? 7768,

[page ends here - nothing else in the packet].

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