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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Limerick influence in Chicago
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 16:58:24 +0000


The Reardon family name and it's other variation "Riordan" are commonly found in Chicago. It appears to be mostly Limerick and Kerry in origin in Chicago.

I found a funeral notice of an Eliza Reardon (nee Cushing), mother of Patrick Reardon Jr., who died at her residence, 162 Hastings st. in the Holy Family parish. She was a native of Parish Solohead, Co. Tipperary. This appeared in the Chicago Daily News 8 Feb. 1898.

Another posting mentioned the information regarding the studios on the photographs you have. An address would be a great clue to their whereabouts in the city.


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> Tom, this is a great posting that embraces many family names. I noticed the
> name Reardon. How prominent is the Reardon name in the Chicago area?
> I am looking for a Thomas Reardon from the townland of Ballycohey in
> Tipperary. He was baptized @ St. Nicholas, Solohead. That parish now
> encompasses Oola and as you know is close to County Limerick.
> Thomas first stopped in Providence, R.I. area where his 3 brothers lived. He
> then went to the Chicago area where his trail is cold. I know he was married
> with 2 daughters as I have 2 family photos from studios in the Chicago area.
> Thomas was the son of Edmond and Johanna Breen Reardon of Ballycohey.
> Although I have the photos, unfortunately I do not have the name of his wife
> or 2 daughters. Of course he may have had other children after the photos
> were taken.
> Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
> Carmen-Pittsburgh

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