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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 06:10:36 +0000

Margaret's observations regarding the prevalence of Doon Parish, Co. Limerick people in the records of Holy Family Parish brings to mind the results of a statistical analysis I did several years ago while compiling Chicago Irish Families 1875-1925 [1993,]. Using the 5,682 funeral notices from the Chicago Daily News for the period of 1878 to 1902 which gave both Chicago Catholic Church and Irish county of origin information, I did a frequency distribution for the entire city. Not surprisingly, I discovered that place of origin in Ireland was NOT randomly distributed across the city with regard to residence. In fact there were a number of Chicago church parishes which showed a preponderance of Irish immigrants from one or two counties.

Breaking the city down into three divisions defined geographically as follows, I noted certain patterns that today's genealogists might find interesting:

south division (defined as that part of the city south of the main trunk and of the south branch of the Chicago River out to the city limits) This division accounted for 49 % of the Irish funeral notices.

west division (defined as that part of the city west of the Chicago River and south of Lake street, and north of the south branch of the river).
This division accounted for 28 % of the Irish funeral notices

north division (defined as that part of the city north of the Chicago River's main trunk and north of Lake street west of the river's branches). This division accounted for the remaining 23 % of the funeral notices.

Of the 32 counties of Ireland (north and south), the top ten counties of origin represented in Chicago were as follows:

1) Co. Limerick - 20.2 % of city total (48.3 % in south division, 11.6 % in north division, and 40.0 % in west division)

2) Co. Mayo - 14.1 % of city total (39.0 % in south division, 46.6 % in north division, and 14.3 % in west division)

3) Co. Kerry - 11.3 % of city total (47.0 % in south division, 23.7 % in north division, and 29.2 % in west division)

4) Co. Clare - 8.6 % of city total (49.6 % in south division, 17.6 % in north division, and 32.8 % in west division)

5) Co. Tipperary - 8.0 % of city total (52.4 % in south division, 18.0 % in north division, and 29.6 % in west division)

6) Co. Cork - 5.2 % of city total (50.3 % in south division, 20.9 % in north division, and 28.7 % in west division)

7) Co. Wexford - 4.4 % of city total (35.3 % in south division, 40.6 % in north division, and 24.1 % in west division)

8) Co. Galway - 3.5 % of city total (55.5 % of south division, 26.8 % of north divison, and 17.7 % in west division)

9) Co. Roscommon - 2.8 % of city total (52.8 % in south division, 19.9 % in north division, and 27.3 % in west division)

10) Co. Waterford - 2.2 % of city total (67.5 % in south division, 13.5 % in north division, and 19.0 % in west division)

--Tom Cook
Portland, OR

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Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Lloyd, Tobin

Dear Listers,
I'm not good at finding time to write to the list, but am at
present on holiday. I'd like to say a belated thankyou to Nan for posting lots
of interesting information to the list sometime ago.
I've just spent an indulgent few weeks searching through the US
census and Holy Family Parish records to trace those of my family who left Doon,
Co Limerick in the 1860's and 70's for Chicago. I've also been reading some
Chicago history and studying street maps, so that I almost feel as though I've
been on a visit to Chicago myself! (instead of in Wellington, New Zealand)
Ellen Tobin married Edward Lloyd at Holy Family Church in 1868.
They had 14 children of whom 8 survived to adulthood. They were:
Margaret b 1869 m Thomas Dunlavy in 1893
John b 1872 m Mollie MacCarthy in 1894
Edward b 1878 m Margaret Blair c 1903
Michael b 1880 m Paulina c 1904
Honora b 1883
Ellen b 1884 m Timothy Murphy in 1908
Richard b 1886 m Gladys c 1909
Julia b 1888 m Raymond Beauregard in1909.
Edward died in 1891. Ellen married John McAndrew in 1894. She died
in 1912.
Ellen's two brothers William and Michael Tobin also emigrated to
Chicago. William married twice: to Mary Halpin who died in 1881 and then to
Honora Burke.
Do these names mean anything to anyone?
Both families lived in the neighbourhood of Holy Family parish:
W.14th St, W.14th Place, Henry St. (Could anyone tell me what kind of houses
they would have lived in? It seems that the neighbourhood survived the fire.)
I have copied a lot of other records from Holy Family Parish and
I'll put some of them into another email in case they mean something to someone.
What a lot of people seem to have emigrated from Doon alone! And I guess it was
the same for many other Irish towns.
Best wishes,
Margaret Lloyd

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