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It is very easy to explain a US Census that tabulates a man who died years
earlier- Votes!

The 1880 US Census shows my GGGrandfather- Thomas Devitt- living at 384 W.
12th Street when, in fact, he had died 6 years earlier.

The Irish needed the votes to counter the Republicans who tried (and to this
day still try) to keep the Irish Catholics down.

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> Thank you so much for all the information, Nan, especially for the
>photo. It is really great to have a general idea of what houses were like
>in the neighbourhood.As you say, the style is attractive.
> Here's a mystery. Like you, I read the 1900 census information for
>Ellen McAndrew as "Widowed", but in the 1910 census she and John McAndrews
>(i.e.with an 's') are living next to Margaret and Thomas Dunlavy.I had
>thought that the 1900 entry might have been "married" as it isn't very
>clear, but the information you found suggests otherwise.
> The Tobin obituary is very interesting. They're not Ellen's immediate
>family, but they surely must be cousins, since they come from Doon too. No
>wonder there were so many Tobins in Holy Family parish! Ellen and Edward
>(and also William and Nora Tobin) seem to have been close to a John Tobin
>and also a Daniel Tobin, judging by the baptismal sponsors.
> Unfortunately, the email you sent under the title "1870 Edw/Ellen
>Tobin in Chicago" won't download on my computer. It appears as a box with a
>cross in it.
> Thanks for your kind offer to look up census information. I can access
> via our library, but the 1930 census is the latest available.
>Are there more recent censuses available to the public?
> Once again, thank you very much for all your help.
> Margaret

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