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Subject: Lost favorites - THANK YOU
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 13:31:54 EDT

Thanks loads, everyone. The response to my request for good websites was
To repay everyone for being so kind, I will send weekly emails with these
websites. I hope everyone can find some good sites they have never seen.

I loaded almost all of the websites received. There may be some
duplications; forgive me if that occurs. I cannot vouch for any of the websites - I am
just sending what I received. I tried almost all of the addresses and they
are still active.

I will entitle each email as "More websites". Anyone who does not want them
can just delete the email. I will send about 10 websites in each email
until I reach the end of the address list.

I have received so many emails requesting the websites, that sending the
emails to the entire list is the only practical way I see to handle this. This
project was wonderful, very confusing, and 2 full days of reading, copying,
organizing, etc.

Because this email is long, I will send the first website list later today.

Thanks again.

Maureen N

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