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Hi Bill,
No offense taken! My guess is just that, purely guesswork. I was kind of hoping that her cause of death might have been a sudden thing (obviously cardiac arrest is just that), but if it was ongoing for 8 days - I don't know. I thought maybe she was visiting relatives or friends and had some sort of attack, that caused her death and would have caused them to use the closest doctor, in this case Dr. Ocasek, whose office was next door. Then I hoped one of the Hussey family might have been the informant and it would indicate their relationship to Maggie.
The Dr. that Nan found on Throop St in 1910 is definitely the same guy. His mother in law is living there and her name is Rezanka, his wife's maiden name.
I see Maggie and William married in 1895. If you could look at the entry in the church register - see who their witnesses were (unless you've done that already). The church name should be on the marriage certificate.
I think what is so confusing with those addresses is that they are almost the same after the renumbering and one set is odd, one even. Another site to look at for Chicago buildings is - very similar to the assessor's site.
Don't know if you know that the records for St James Sag cemetery are located at Holy Sepulchre cemetery in Worth ? Depending upon who you are lucky enough to get in their office, will determine how much if any info can be gotten. There's one woman in there that is an absolute witch. A couple of the others very nice, and one is great!
I didn't know about the vandalism at the cemetery. That's too bad, as it's such an interesting and pretty place. I've walked through there many times, though not very recently.
Goodness, I have BRADYs in my family too, but that is on the FOY side. I too have found my WALSH family names spelled WALSH/WELCH/WALSCH/WELSH which makes it even more fun.
Anyway, good luck with your search. I hope you find out more - now I'm really curious too - keep us posted!
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Margaret's maiden name was Brady .Katie could have been her sister, yes.
I will check the newspaper article from the Trib Archive

Just kidding.

Catherine's cause of death was acute bronchitis and the contributing cause was cardiac failure. The duration was 8 days and 4 hours. There is no informant on the DC.

Catherine is buried at the Sag Cemetery. There has been a lot of vandalism at St. James - Sag Cemetery,

I am very familiar with Chicago streets and how they run.

I was looking at the aerial view of the lot on the Cook County Assessor's website. I could not tell what it was.


Ancestry is still blocking from accessing those documents you sent. Why? I don't know.


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