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Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago] Death Certificate
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I checked the census for 1900 and 1910 and found a Patrick Hussey (b.
Ireland), his wife Katie and their children living at 1503/1502 S 40th Ave.
Did your Margaret (Maggie) Walsh/Welch have any relatives named Hussey ? Do
you know her maiden name - maybe Patrick was a brother? Or could Katie have
been her sister? Or ??? She may have been visiting or staying with them
when she died.
No Charles J Ocasek at 1501/1500 in the census, though. However, doing a
search on Dr. Ocasek, I found out that he graduated from Rush Medical
College in March 1893. In Sept. 1896, at age 26, he married Emily Rezanka ,
age 23. In a story in the paper in Aug 1898, he was mentioned as Dr. Charles
J. Ocasek of the Chicago Board of Health. In 1912, he was mentioned as a
member of the Bohemia Club - their clubhouse was located at Lawndale &
Douglas Blvd. Then there was the article that Nan told you about - that he
was struck and killed Sep 28 1917 crossing the street and it gave his
address as 1500 S. Crawford. There was an interesting column in a 1915 paper
listing 1500 S Crawford - Mrs. A. Kadlac, as a station where fever treatment
may be obtained. Don't know what kind of fever they were referring to
however. (These snippets of information were obtained from the Chicago
Tribune Historical Archive database).
So, I still stand by my original guess that the doctor's office and or
clinic was located at 1500 and Margaret was either visiting or staying at
the building next door.
By the way, what was her cause of death? Maybe that can shed some light on
some of the possibilities?
If you are looking at 1500/1502 as the address after 1909 - those addresses
would be on the west side of 40th/Crawford/Pulaski. There is a building on
that corner and a vacant lot next door and then another flat building next
door south. The vacant lot (1501-03)on the corner, next to the funeral home
is on the east side of the street.
What other information is on the DC? Does it say how many years/months/days
she resided at the address? How long had she been sick, how long had the
doctor been tending to her? If you know what cemetery - they may be able to
supply you with her home address. Also, who was the informant that signed
the DC (not the doctor) and their relationship to her?
Sorry that this is so long, but there are a number of avenues to check into
for further possible information.

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> Marti & listers,
> I checked the Cook County Assessor's website, as you suggested. Here is
what I found:
> 1501 S Pulaski Rd Chicago PIN: 16-23-122-001-0000
> 1503 S. Pulaski Chicago No records were returned.
> It appears from the photo taken in 1999, that it is a parking lot with
some sort of apartment complex down the street from the lot.
> Many of the listers have suggested that the doctor lived next door. This
could be, but seeing as how she was living with her son on 64th & Loomis
prior to his death in 1902, I don't know that she would have moved. I doubt
that her daughter-in-law, Margaret, would have kicked her out of the house
after William died. Catherine died 7 years later. Margaret (Maggie) Walsh
did not die until 1950.
> Is there anyone with access to the 1909 directory that can tell me if
Charles J. Ocasek, M.D. had his office at 1501 S. 40th Avenue? Also, can you
tell if Catherine Welch lived at 1503 S. 40th Avenue?
> Dave,
> You are correct, the M.D. is printed on the form, so there is no need to
write his credentials after his name.
> Thanx,
> Bill
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