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Subject: Death Certificate
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 16:59:06 -0500


I am throwing this out to you. With Nan Brennan's help, I have been tring to figure this out. No luck so far.

I have my great, great grandmother's death certificate. It states that she died at 1503 S. 40th Avenue. A doctor has to sign the death certificate, correct? Well, the doctor who signed the death certificate was located at 1501 S. 40th Avenue and did not use his credentilas after his name.

The list was helpful in making me aware that after the renumbering of the streets in 1909, it became 1500 & 1502 S. Pulaski / Crawford. Previously, she lived with her son, William, at 64th & Loomis in the 1900 census. He died in 1902. Catherine Welch (Walsh) died in 1909.

I questioned why was the doctor so close to her. It got me to thinking (I know that's dangerous, just ask my wife) that she may have been in a hospital or sanitorium. Is that a possibility?

I checked with the Archivist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She stated that she "checked the 1906 Chicago Medical Directory and don't find a listing for a hospital at that location. Perhaps she died at the doctor's office?" Okay, but they were two different addresses.

Any suggestions?

Bill Karr in Peoria, IL., USA

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