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Subject: Re: Chicago's Irish Saloons
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 04:12:20 EDT

Add me to the list of those interested in this topic. My maternal
grandfather Patrick Francis FitzGibbon was a saloon keeper in Chicago (29th & Archer,
34th & Auburn) and Logansport IN at the turn of the previous century until
Prohibition forced him to close his establishment in Logansport. I have some info
about his Logansport saloons (one is still a neighborhood bar), but only city
directory listings for his earlier Chicago businesses.

Patrick returned to Chicago after Prohibition and started a grocery/butcher
shop in the Englewood neighborhood at 59th & Princeton across from St. Martin's
Church. My grandparents "lost" their grocery business during the Great

I have another Chicago saloon connection of interest! According to a front
page article in the Chicago Daily News May 10, 1892, a barkeeper named Dawson
had some type of altercation/problem in his tavern with my great-grandfather
Patrick FitzGibbon (Patrick F. FitzGibbon's father). When Patrick was found on
the corner of 18th & Ruble with a big gash on his head, then subsequently
died, Dawson was in the police lock-up pending the coroner's inquest.
Great-grandpa's death certificate does not list him as a homocide, so Dawson was
apparently exonerated!

Kathleen Richmond
Oak Forest IL

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