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Subject: Chicago's Irish Saloons
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 23:34:27 -0400

My grGrandfather, Thomas J. Heeney arrived in Chicago from County Mayo in and around the 1870s, which I don’t have the specifics on. He was a young man when he worked for and was a boarder in an Irish saloon. The saloon’s owners John and Hattie Jackson were like family to Thomas who from the directories, worked and lived there for a long time. Thomas later purchased his own existing Irish saloon on Lake St. and Crawford Ave. He and his family lived above this saloon like I imagine many Irish saloon keepers did back then. I would love to have more information on Thomas' saloon business that he owned until his sudden death in 1897.
Does a list of Irish owned saloons or of Irish businesses back in later 1800s exist? and where would I find it? Did the Irish buy from each other and support Irish owned businesses? How could I get this information? Appreciate any help. Thank you.
Tim Berenda/Heeney

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