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Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes where they were from
depended on who they were telling and what towns that person may have heard
of. Family legend said my gg gm was born "near Welland Canal", that her
oldest brother was born "in Toronto" and her next oldest in "Montreal". We
thought it was strange that the family would have taken that particular path
around Lake Ontario in only 2 years but figured they had just followed the
job. I spent years reading parish records in ever widening circles out from
the 3 towns only to finally find them all born in the same parish about 25
miles east of Toronto. Since then I've run into at least 8 or 9 others with
similar stories.

Now if I could just figure out which of his mother's relatives John Shonsey
(O'Shaughnessy) went to work for in the Chicago stockyards... anyone have
any Chicago McCarthys or Harringtons?



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Very good points about not assuming that because someone lived in a port
city that that was the point of origin in the U.S. I will broaden my
search for
some hard to find folks.

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