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Subject: Re: Following Family
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 21:59:52 EDT


Very good points about not assuming that because someone lived in a port
city that that was the point of origin in the U.S. I will broaden my search for
some hard to find folks.

Sadly, we all have those missing sisters because of the change in surnames
upon marriage. The RC Catholic marriage records of the mid-late 1800's are
scant -- just date and couples' names and their witnesses -- no parents' names
by which to spot siblings getting married. Sometimes you can get a clue by
the witnesses to a marriage that they are yours, but with very common names,
you are only surmising.

One big help are shared burial plots with the assumption being that some
siblings, who purchased the lot for their parents, might have their babies or
may themselves be buried in the same plots. Then, with a married surname for a
daughter and her husband's name nearby, the census is a help for learning
their children's names. Also with names and dates, death records are at the
ready with all their rich information.


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