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From: Kathy & Pete DYER <>
Subject: following family
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 17:41:35 -0700 (PDT)

I agree with what has been said in recent digests. Would add one thing....Don't assume because they are living in a port city, they landed there. Case in point...searched for years for Cornelius Clark on ships arriving in NYC, because he and my Smith's were in the 1850 census there. Finally found him after years of searching, he came to Boston 1847.
These are my Chicago Irish...Philip and Anna Smith, Cornelius and Briget Clark, 1855 to 1870. John Nelson (yes, from Ireland) and Catherine Cunningham 1900. Such common hard to find. On the following family subject. Philip Smith's obit said three sister survive in Chicago...Totally lost to the family because I don't know their first names or married names. Brick wall...someday. Kathy Dyer

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