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Subject: Re:Annunciation Parish Records
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 09:22:17 EDT


If you go on (the "Mormon" church website) you can click on
Library Catalog
Place Search
type in "Chicago" & "Illinois" (it will give you a few
links, chose:
Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Church Records

You will have multiple pages of churches, mostly Roman Catholic to search
because they are not in alphabetical, but once you find Annunciation, click on
it, then on Film Notes in the upper right hand corner (if that is offered as a
link) -- if there are multiple films on which the records are displayed, you
can see which film(s) you need to order from your nearest Family History

It now costs $5.75 to order a film and takes 4-6 weeks to arrive and you
have the use of it at the center from which you order it for one month. It's
$5.50 to renew.

If you are fortunate, your FHC has a scanner and you can scan and save to CD
or Travel Drive the images you find. I would call nearby FHC centers
(locations also listed on to see which have scanners and to what
media they save and if you must buy your CD from them for security's sake,

Good luck!

Margaret McCarthy

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