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Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago] Irish Canal Workers: Book Recommendation
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Does this book only cover the Connecticut area? I've been searching for
years for more information on my great-great grandfather, Thomas Dwyer
(Dewire, Dwire) who was a lockkeeper on the C&O Canal in Maryland between
1870-1883. The 1870 and 1880 Census show his place of birth as New York
about 1844. I wonder if his father came to the US to work on a Canal in the
New York area?

Eileen Beales Johnson

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Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Irish Canal Workers: Book Recommendation

> I have a great-grandfather, Thomas N. Riley, who was born in Connecticut
> @1830. It has perplexed me - always. What on earth was an Irishman doing
> in Connecticut in 1930? His father, Michael R. Riley, was born in
> Ireland. Well, on the Limerick list I found the clue.
> If you find you have an Irish ancestor who was born in Connecticut
> 1825-1845 era, his father may well have been one of hundreds of Irish
> brought over to work after the canal fever hit in the USA and Canada.
> Apparently, at one time, the Irish were brought in by the boat load
> directly to New Haven, CT.
> It is a study of economic history, labor relations, the beginning of a
> wage-based economy.AclearpictureofthestruggleourIrishancestors
> had adapting to a changing world that surrounded them.
> Title: Common Labor, Workers and the Digging of North American Canals,
> 1780-1860
> Author: Peter Way
> ISBN: 0-8018-5522-5
> The John Hopkins University Press 1993
> I bought my copy used from
> Kelly Ward
> Schoolcraft, Michigan
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