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Subject: finding Irish births after 1864
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 00:44:10 EDT

Hello Bill Karr, You have several resources that might give you more clues.

The first place I would suggest would be for you to visit your local LDS
family History Center--one of the Chicago listers could recommend which one has
the most extensive film collection for you.

Since 1864, Most Irish births, marriages & deaths were registered and are
listed in an index at your LDS. There are thousands of films of the actual
civil registrations, so you would often have to rent one to get the date and name
you are looking for. Each year is divided into 4 quarters, given numbers in
multiplications of 5, depending upong which registration district the event
took place.

For example, West Cork is always Volumes 5-10-15-20.

Louth would have its own sequence.

I recommend you search through the birth index for the births of Alice (nee
MCEVOY) (Mc AVOY or Macavoy) born ~1869 - 1870. If you find none, go a bit
younger, all the way back to 1864, or a bit older. Each year's film would take
you only 10-15 minutes. You could even try the marriage indexes for the years
you think they married. Always check for multiple ways to spell the names you
seek. I have high hopes you will find her birth, and where she is, Thomas
will soon show up! IF you locate the correct person, all the information will
be there for you that they use to type up the actual certificate.

Best wishes on your research,


Candi in California

Alice (nee MCEVOY) Kerr was born ~1869 - 1870. She emigrated to the US in
1882, which would make her about 13 when she came over to the States. However,
the 1900 census indicates that Alice and Thomas were born in 1862. That
would make them both 20

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