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Subject: Kerr/McEvoy Line
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 02:56:37 +0000


I am looking for connections to my KERR/MCEVOY relatives. I just received my
gr grandmother's and gr grandfather's death certificates. It states her
birthplace as being County Louth, no other information regarding the place of

My gr grandmother was Alice (nee MCEVOY) Kerr was born ~1869 - 1870. She
emigrated to the US in 1882, which would make her about 13 when she
came over to the States. However, the 1900 census indicates that Alice and
Thomas were born in 1862. That would make them both 20 when they came over.

My gr grandfather was Thomas KERR. His death certificate has no information,
other than he was born in Ireland, as were his parents. However, it does
indicate that he came to Chicago in 1889 and that he was 43 years old when he
died in 1909. This would make him 23 when he came to Chicago. Again, the 1900
census states that he came over in 1882. It also states that they were married
19 years at that point, which means they were married in Ireland. I have sent
for the marriage certificate 2 months ago, but have not received it yet.

Today, I went to Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, IL. during my lunchhour.
My grandaunt, Lillian BIRMINGHAM, was interred there. I could not locate her
parents (my gr grandparents), though. However, the monument to the right (as
you look at the monument) was MCAVOY. I am looking for relations to those
MCAVOYs to find out if we are related. I took pictures of the headstones, but
have not had them processed yet. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Karr in Peoria, IL., USA

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