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I don't know if this helps but this is want Matthieson Report gives
for O'Toole births in 1890:

O\'Toole Total births:39

Principally located in counties:Dublin, Wicklow, and Limerick. Zoom

Spelling variations O'Toole(36)

Total Ulster = 6
Total Leinster = 26
Total Connaught = 0
Total Munster = 7

In Griffiths Valuation I found these John O'Tooles

Dublin Co. Rathfarnham Parish, Rathgar Townlanddate 1849
Dublin Co. St. Mark Parish, Hawkins Streetdate1854
Dublin CitySt Mary Parish ( no townland or subdiv given) street no
113:113date 1854

No Edwards or Edwins in Dublin co or Dublin City.

Found no Morrisseys in Dublin city.

Lot of Morris and Morriss in Dublin Co. and these Morrisseys:

"No first Name" in Blackrock, Newtown of Monkstown Parish.
2 Johns on Brunswick Street, Great of St Mark Parish
Andrew, George's Hill of St Michan Parish
4 Andrews, Green Street, of St Michan Parish
Laurence, Pembroke Place, Lower St Peter Parish (Pembroke Lane)

There was (maybe still is) a banking family in Chicago. The O'Tooles
orginally were in South Shore then moved to Beverly. They ran the
Pullman Bank, later Standard Pullman Bank. Is that your family? I
think the original bank, servicing the steel workers was in Roseland
and then the first Standard Pullman was across from the Evergreen
Plaza at 95th and Western. May still be there I don't know.

Enjoyed reading your post, thanks! Fascinating story about John
Morrissey in NY.
There is or was a John Morrissey Judge in Cook County, Notre Dame
grad--is he one of yours?

You have a date of birth on John J. O'Toole and you know it is Dublin
either co or city, have you sent for a birth certificate?
I don't subscribe to any Dublin boards, do you?

You've done a lot of good work you must be happy with your


On Apr 1, 2006, at 2:13 PM, wrote:

> Listers,
> My Irish connections in Chicago are numerous:
> My MORRISSEYs came from Ireland. According to my family history, my
> gr gr gr
> grandfather, Joseph MORRISSEY, came from County Limerick. He
> emigrated to St.
> John's, Newfoundland. There he married Ellen Kearney in ~1830.
> Ellen was from
> County Kilkenny. They had two (possibly four) children. Bridget was
> the
> eldest. She married a WHITTEN.
> My gr gr grandfather, John MORRISSEY, was next. He married Elizabeth
> HENNESSEY. They had 2 children - Ellen and Hannah (my gr
> grandmother). John
> died at sea, according to my family history in ~1870. Elizabeth
> remarried
> Patrick LEDWELL in ~1871 and moved with her two daughters to
> Chicago, Where
> Hannah married my gr grandfather, John Joseph O'TOOLE.Elizabeth's
> sister,
> Johanna moved to Chicago. Johanna married a DOOLEY. Hannah
> mother, also moved to Chicago, probably after Edward died in 1874.
> According to my family history, Joseph had an infamous brother, John
> MORRISSEY. Uncle John was an enforcer for the Tammany Hall bosses
> in New York.
> He was immortalized in the film "Gangs of New York". Leo DiCaprio
> played Uncle
> John. Not well typecast, as Uncle John was about 6' tall and
> weighed about
> 350 pounds. Uncle John was also a 2 time world bare-knuckles boxing
> champion,
> so all of his fingers were broken and disfigured.
> Uncle John was given a gambling hall in New York and another in
> Saratoga, New
> York by the Tammany Hall bosses. He is credited with bringing
> gambling and
> prostitution to Saratoga, New York. He also started race horsing to
> Saratoga.
> He was also a politician. He was a 2 term New York State Senator
> and a 2 term
> Congressman from New York. At the end of his life, Uncle John
> reportedly had a
> religious experience and died in the arms of priest.
> My O'TOOLE line is a dead end. My grandfather was Edwin Columbus
> was the son of Hannah Morrissey and John Joseph O'TOOLE, Sr. John
> Joseph was
> the son of John O'TOOLE and a girl named Catherine (surname unknown).
> John Joseph was born in Dublin on 2 February 1865, but not sure if
> it is the
> County or the City. Also, on the Irish Times website it indicates
> the O'TOOLE
> name was more prominent in County Wicklow. Is there a connection
> out there to
> break down this wall?
> I am also looking for connections to my KERR/MCEVOY relatives. I
> recently
> received my gr grandmother's and gr grandfather's death
> certificates. It
> states her birthplace as being County Louth, no other information
> regarding
> the place of birth. However, a subsequent obit indicated Dundalk.
> My gr grandmother was Alice (nee MCEVOY) KERR was born ~1862. She
> emigrated to
> Chicago, IL. in ~1882, which would make her about 20 when she came
> over to the
> States, if she came straight to Chicago.
> My gr grandfather was Thomas KERR. His death certificate has no
> information,
> other than he was born in Ireland, as were his parents. However, it
> does
> indicate that he came to Chicago in 1889 and that he was 43 years
> old when he
> died in 1909. This would make him 23 when he came to Chicago.
> However, an obit from my uncle stated that he was on his way to
> visit Renfrew,
> Scotland. I am thinking that Uncle Tom KARR was attempting to trace
> his roots -
> no proof, just speculation. He was killed in a plane crash in 1950
> in Mill
> Hill, outside of London, England.
> Together, Tom & Alice had 12, possibly 13 children. The oldest six
> or seven
> died of a plague in Chicago. Speculation again, but the "plague"
> was possibly
> the Spanish Flu Epidemic. I cannot locate their names. I am not
> sure that this
> Thomas is yours, but it is interesting anyway.
> My grandfather, Peter KARR (the baby of the family), changed his
> surname from
> KERR because he did not want to be misconstrued as being of German
> descent
> during the war, as the story goes.
> I have a photo of my gr grandmother and gr grandfather, Mary (nee
> and Michael MCDERMOTT. As best we can determine, the photo was
> taken in 1911.
> Michael was originally from County Mayo, then emigrated to Clayton-
> le-Moors,
> County Lancashire, England. It is there he met Mary FITZPATRICK.
> They married
> in Blackburn, County Lancashire, England on 25 April 1881.
> Michael was born in 1855. His father, according to family history,
> was also
> Michael MCDERMOTT. Michael Sr., married Mary MCHUGH, also according
> to family
> history, in County Mayo in 1847. One report states it was in
> Adderggole Parish
> where they married.
> I am looking to break down this brick wall and looking for
> relations to my gr
> grandparents (William WALSH & Margaret BRADY WALSH). All I have
> about William
> is his name and that he died sometime before my granduncle, William
> Jr., who died in 1918.
> What I have on Margaret BRADY WALSH is that she was from County
> Mayo, Ireland
> born on 31 May 1873. She died 16 Feb 1950 in Chicago. I have
> Margaret's obit
> from the Trib and her death certificate from Cook County. According
> to the
> 1900 census, Margaret emigrated to the US in 1889, making her 16
> when she
> arrived on our shores. Would she have come alone or with her parents?
> William & Margaret had four children: William (born 23 Jan 1896),
> Catherine
> O'CONNOR (1899), Margaret (born 1898) O'TOOLE, & Thomas (born
> 1900). Thomas
> died at an early age from the records I have before his brother,
> William, who
> died in 1918, at age 22 in WWI onboard the USS Von Steuben on his
> way to
> France. I have William Jr.'s obit from the Trib. I have no obit for
> William
> Sr. I have nothing on the BRADYs.
> I have William's and Margaret's marriage certificate from 1895 in
> Chicago. She
> was 22 and he was 35, making him born in 1860. The marriage
> certificate
> indicates his name as William WELCH and lists her's as Maggie
> BRADY. In the
> 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses, the surname is Welch. It also
> indicates that
> William the younger was born in 1859 in Illinois, not Ireland as
> previously
> thought.
> William the elder was born in Ireland as was his wife, Catherine
> (no maiden
> name given). William the elder died sometime betwen the 1880 census
> and the
> 1900 census. By the 1910 census, William the younger was deceased
> and the
> surname changed to WALSH.
> I know that WALSH is pronounced WELCH in the brogue and that Maggie
> is short
> for Margaret, so I am 99.9% sure this is my gr grandparents. Any
> help would be
> greatly appreciated in breaking down this wall further.
> Interestingly, in the
> 1860 census, there is a sibling to William the younger named
> Michael. Any
> connections out there?
> Bill Karr in Peoria, IL., USA
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