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Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 23:08:50 +0000
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With the McHugh from Leitrim posting, I thought that I would also ask the
list about any possible connections to my Chicago Leitrim ancestors- DEVITT
from north Leitrim and MCLAUGHLIN from south Leitrim.
1848John Devitt, Laborer, arrives in Chicago- lives on Peoria between
Fulton and Prairie- appears in 1849 Chicago Directory
1850John Devitt moves to Wolcott near Michigan- shown in 1851 Chicago
1852Thomas Davitt, Drayman, arrives in Chicago- Lives on Randolph between
Jefferson and Des Plaines- appears in 1853 Chicago Directory
1852Patrick M'Divet, Laborer, arrives in Chicago- lives at 192 Washington-
appears in 1853 Directory
1854John Davitt, Laborer (probably the Wells Street Bridge Tender appointed
in 1852/3), moves to 1 Ontario- appears in 1855 Chicago Directory
1854Thomas Davitt, Drayman, now has a real address- 110 Randolph (same
home, simply has a number now)- 1855 Directory
1857Thomas Devitt, now a Teamster- name now spelled with an "e"
1857Patrick Devitt, Drayman, arrives in Chicago- lives with Thomas Devitt
at 110 Randolph- 1858 Directory
1857Peter Devitt, Drayman, arrives in Chicago- lives with Thomas Devitt at
110 Randolph- 1858 Directory
1858William Devitt, Hackman, arrives in Chicago- lives at 209 W. Randolph-
1859 Directory
1858Anthony Devitt, Drayman, arrives in Chicago- lives with Thomas Devitt
at 110 W. Randolph- 1859 Directory
1859Ann Devitt, starts a grocery at 110 W. Randolph- lives at same address-
1860 Directory
1859Anthony Devitt, Drayman, moves to Madison Street between Jefferson and
Clinton- 1860 Directory
1859James Devitt, Sailor, moves to land at 62 Bunker- 1860 Directory
1859John Devitt, Grocer- lives on St. Clair at Ontario (same as John
Devitt, Laborer?)- 1860 Directory
1859Patrick Devitt, Clerk for Ann Devitt- lives at 110 W. Randolph- 1860
1859Thomas Devitt, Drayman, marries, moves to Twelfth Street near Blue
Island Avenue- 1860 Directory
1864John Devitt, Laborer, lives at 90 Ohio- 1865 Directory
1864Patrick Devitt, Hackman, lives at 24 Union- 1865 Directory
1864Thomas Devitt, Expressman, now has a real address- 384 W. 12th Street-
1865 Directory
1864William Devitt, Hackman, now lives at 110 W. Randolph- 1865 Directory
1868James Devitt, now a Lake Captain, moves to 90 Brown- 1869 Directory
1868John Devitt, Laborer, west side of Laurel between Athica and Oneida-
1869 Directory
1868Patrick Devitt, Laborer, 327 Aberdeen- 1869 Directory
1868Phelan Devitt, Seaman, comes ashore- lives at 238 W. 12th Street- 1869
1868Sarah Devitt, widow- lives at 8 Myrick Avenue- 1869 Directory

Thomas Devitt married Bridget McLaughlin (below)
Phelim Devitt married Anne Reynolds (another Leitrim surname)
James Devitt married Esther Lawless
Peter Devitt married Ann McLaughlin (same Ann as below?)
William Devitt married Julia Foley
Patrick Devitt married Catherine McAvoy (and various other spellings)
Anthony Devitt married Margaret O'Malley
I don't know John or Sarah Devitt.

BRIDGET MCLAUGHLIN, along with siblings:
Margaret, and
arrived in Chicago in 1848. All lived on the west side within a half-mile
of 12th and Halsted- built and attended Holy Family on 12th Street.
Bridget McLaughlin married Thomas Devitt (above)
Ann McLaughlin married (Peter Devitt above?)
Francis McLaughlin married Mary Ann McDonnell
Harry ???
John McLaughlin married Maria (or Ellen) McCormick
Margaret ???
Patrick married (Mary McLoughlin???)

Connections anyone?

NOTE TO BRIAN COLUMBUS: Have you tried Drumkeeranfolk? You will find a
number of McHughs from north Leitrim there.

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>Subject: McHugh from Leitrim and Cavan to Chicago
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>Having two Irish families meet and merge in Chicago, I thought it might
>be useful to throw out my Chicago Irish roots to this list and see if
>anyone recognizes anything. My great-grandparents were both McHughs.
>Felix McHugh (1873 or 1877-1962) was born in or near Ballinaglera, Co.
>Leitrim, Ireland to Patrick McHugh and Mary Kenny. He immigrated to
>Chicago in March 1898. I don't know anything about his siblings, though
>I understand he had several brothers; and I know nothing more about his
>parents. I know he traveled to the US with two cousins, John and
>Michael Kenny, of Manorhamilton. In 1905 Felix McHugh married Annie
>Annie McHugh (1877-1913) was born in (likely) Co. Cavan, perhaps Dowra,
>to Michael McHugh and Bridget (Bessie) Flynn. She immigrated in 1896,
>and worked as a servant in her oldest (?) brother's home. Annie had a
>sister Catherine (who married Patrick Kearns), and brothers Thomas (who
>married Annie O'Dolan), Hugh, Peter, Frank and James. She also had
>2-half brothers from her father's first marriage to Mary (or Bridget?)
>McGuire; they were Patrick and John. All these siblings immigrated to
>Chicago except for James. Patrick was a successful owner of a saloon
>located at 1549 Indiana Av; he was married to Winnie McGourty, with
>whom he had several children. This is the home that Annie first came to
>and worked as a live-in servant. John (married to Bina Foley) was a
>Chicago Fireman, before working for the post-office later. Various
>records for some of the siblings indicate Co. Cavan, others indicate
>Co. Leitrim and others indicate Dowra, which sits on the edge of both
>counties; in fact some things I've read indicate that part of the town
>is actually in Leitrim, though it's listed as part of Cavan.
>Family oral history has always been that Annie and Felix were NOT
>related, and that she came from a different county. Also, she came from
>a much wealthier (or relatively well-off, I imagine) family than he
>did, and because his family were farmers (or simply poorer) her family
>thought she was marrying "trash", so to speak. What I'd like to know is
>where were these people from, and learn more of both lineages.
>Sorry for the long post. Please let me know if anyone sees any kind of
>connection at all.
>Brian Columbus

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