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Subject: Fwd: Bureau of Land Management explanation
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 07:17:03 -0800 (PST)

> Bureau Site Holds 88 Years Of Public Lands Records -
> Tampa Tribune, The (FL)
> January 15, 2006
> Author:  SHARON TATE MOODY; Tribune correspondent
> Estimated printed pages: 2
> Tribune correspondent
> Genealogists got a nice gift over the holidays from
> the Bureau of Land
> Management when its online database became
> accessible again.
> The records had been unavailable for about a year
> following a lawsuit
> involving Indian lands.
> The bureau's Web site provides access to more than 2
> million federal
> land-title records issued from 1820 to 1908 for
> public land states.
> The public land states include Alabama, Alaska,
> Arizona, Arkansas,
> California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois,
> Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana,
> Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,
> Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico,
> North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota,
> Utah, Washington, Wisconsin
> and Wyoming.
> Throughout the years, Congress passed laws that
> allowed for the sale or
> distribution of public lands to certain groups or
> classes of citizens. Most of the
> laws were passed to encourage people to move west.
> For example, military
> warrant acts gave soldiers public land instead of
> pay, and the homestead act gave
> land to settlers who agreed to live on it for five
> years and plant crops or
> make improvements.
> Get started on these records by going to
> www.glorecords. From the
> home page, click on "Search Land Patents." You will
> be asked to enter your ZIP
> code.
> Next you will see a screen with three tabs labeled
> "Basic," "Standard," and
> "Accession/Serial #." Try doing the "Basic" search
> first. From a pull-down
> menu, enter the state you want to search. Then enter
> the last name you want to
> check. You have the option of entering a first name
> or getting all the entries
> for that surname. Click on the search button.
> I entered Hardin Hulsey in a search of Arkansas
> Records. I got five returns.
> Then I clicked on the entry for 1839 and another
> screen with tab choices
> appeared. The top tab gave me basic information on
> Hardin Hulsey's purchase in
> 1839.
> Next, I clicked on the "Document Image" tab. The
> screen asked me if I wanted
> to view the document as a GIF file (not good for
> printing), PDF file or a TIFF
> file (which requires a TIFF viewer). The PDF
> document will be best for
> printing.
> Click on the version of choice and almost instantly
> your ancestor's land
> patent will appear on your screen. Within minutes
> you can have a copy from your
> printer. A specific description of the land allowed
> me to go to an Arkansas map
> with land ranges and townships marked (most atlas
> maps will have these) and
> locate my ancestor's exact location.
> Another exciting thing about these files is that you
> can search to see who
> bought surrounding land, a good way to find other
> relatives and extended family
> members. Do this by going back to the first search
> screen and clicking the tab
> for a "Standard" search. Ignore the section of the
> form that asks for
> patentee and warrantee names. Fill in the section,
> township and range information
> from the patent you've already found and then click
> on "Search."
> You will see the list of individuals who got patents
> for land in that
> section, township and range. You also can search the
> surrounding land sections and
> find more neighbors.
> There is a wealth of educational information about
> land records and land
> distributions on this site. You'll find explanations
> for the files that support
> the claims for the patents and directions on how and
> from where to order them.
> Your land records research will benefit by spending
> some quality time at this
> site.
> Sharon Tate Moody is president of the national
> Association of Professional
> Genealogists. Send your genealogy questions,
> problems, and event announcements
> to her in care of BayLife, The Tampa Tribune, 200 S.
> Parker St., Tampa FL
> 33606; or e-mail . Keyword:
> Heritage, to see past Heritage
> Hunting columns.
> Photo credit: Image from Sharon Tate Moody
> Photo: Public land records, such as this document
> from an 1839 Arkansas
> purchase, are available from the Bureau of Land
> Management.  Caption:
>   Caption:
> Genealogists got a nice gift over the holidays from
> the Bureau of Land
> Management when its online database became
> accessible again.

Dan Hogan

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