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From: "Sally J. Jacobs" <>
Subject: How long do ink jet prints really last?
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 08:01:23 -0500

Dear Family Historians,

Hi! My name is Sally, and I'm a Wisconsin-based archivist.

I've been researching the question of ink-jet longevity for the October
issue of my free montly e-zine "Ask the Archivist." The most
interesting thing I learned is that brand *does* matter. The paper,
ink, and equipment are all designed to work together. So if you've got
an BrandX printer you need to buy BrandX paper and BrandX ink, too --
if you want them to last for 100 years (as some manufacturers claim).

I had some not-so-great experiences with printing my own photos before
I started researching ink jet longevity. Now, I've decided to ditch my
ink jet altogether. Instead, I upload digital photos to my trusted
local photo shop.

The October issue of "Ask the Archivist" comes out in a few days.
Subscribing is super-easy on our website:

Got questions for the archivist?.... Email me anytime!


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