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From: "Nan Brennan" <>
Subject: resource; Parish histories all US mainly midwest
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 20:29:00 -0500

This is an excellent resource at Notre Dame University that I didn't know about.
Perhaps it has been posted before and I missed it?
Please share with other boards you post to.
And maybe encourage your parish to send in their histories if you don't find it cataloged on this site.

Partial description from their website:
The Library collection contains printed parish histories, and some newspaper accounts, of more than 1300 Catholic parishes throughout the United States and other countries. The Library collection continues to expand through solicitation, purchase, and gifts received. The parish history collection in the Archives contains information on more thatn 2000 parishes throughout the United States. The major portion of the Archives collection documents parishes in the midwest and the Ohio River Valley. The microfilm segment of the Archives collection sometimes duplicates printed items.
Both collections contain books, pamphlets, newspapers clippings, and ephemeral materials which frequently describe the history of the parish from its inception to the date of publication of the work. Frequently parish histories celebrate the anniversary of the founding of a parish or the dedication of a church. Also included are jubilee celebrations, financial statements, invitatiions, general histories, directories, bulletins, and some photographs which are mainly from the Indiana and Kentucky region. Most items in the collection reflect activities of parishes beginning in the mid-nineteenth century. Rarely do items pertain to parishes prior to 1800.



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