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Subject: Name Variation
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 21:35:15 -0500

I've seen Latin used for first names in parrish records prior
to WWI. Some even made up to approximate Latin. Ezample is my
father-in-law was baptized Vincent Andrew but entered in
parrish records as Vincento Ambrose. This caused get problems
with Social Security when getting baptismal records for a claim.

In my mother's family and other branches researched, name
useage was very loosie goosie. Baptismal name was not always
used and even as adults started using something else. Perhaps
did not like their name such as my aunt who was baptised Mary
Bridget but quickly changed in civil records to Maureen since a
family friend was named Mary and they didn't want to confuse
people. She was born in March 1907 but by the time she arrived
in Ellis Island in September 1907 her name was remained
Maureen. Somewhere in high school she became Josephine. At
the time she married in 1934 she was back to Maureen.
Spellings cahnged also. Another aunt was Anna but didn't like
that because it sounded to old country. She became Anne at the
time she married in 1936

For Dan Hogan,

Even in current usage Owen is Eoin in Celtic. Some books for
naming children will list Eoin as a derivative of Ian.

All fun and games,


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