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Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 12:42:04 -0800
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Thanks for this info!

At 04:39 PM 3/13/2005 +0000, l d wrote:
>Chicago addresses did not change until 1909. For converting pre-1909 to
>current addresses, use this website and the pdf files.
> It makes it all very
>simple to locate an old address to today's system.
>As i recall, the 1870 census did not show addresses. Therefore, to
>determine an address, use either an 1870 chicago city directory or assume
>that the 1880 census address is the same as in 1870.
>Also, I believe that the 8th ward was unaffected by the fire. I believe
>that the ward started at 12th street.
>A popular church for the immigrant Irish, and built by them (including my
>ancestors who lived right across the street) was Holy Family at 12th and
>May. By 1898, Holy Family was the largest parish in the US.
>Your local FHL may very well have all of the Chicago Parish records on
>film in their standing collection. If not they can order them for you.>snip<
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>>Subject: 1870 census addesses- 8th ward. Can these be determined?
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>>Our LYONS ancestors and relatives lived in the 8th ward of Chicago at the
>>time of the 1870 census. Is there a way to determine addresses before the
>>1871 fire? I am trying to locate the closest Catholic church to their 1870
>>address to see if I can find baptismal records or a marriage record for
>>William Lyons and Annie McDonough Lyons' first children.
>>They belonged to Sacred Heart at 19th and Peoria by 1874.
>>Jennifer Lyons
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