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Chicago addresses did not change until 1909. For converting pre-1909 to
current addresses, use this website and the pdf files. It makes it all very
simple to locate an old address to today's system.

As i recall, the 1870 census did not show addresses. Therefore, to
determine an address, use either an 1870 chicago city directory or assume
that the 1880 census address is the same as in 1870.

Also, I believe that the 8th ward was unaffected by the fire. I believe
that the ward started at 12th street.

A popular church for the immigrant Irish, and built by them (including my
ancestors who lived right across the street) was Holy Family at 12th and
May. By 1898, Holy Family was the largest parish in the US.

Your local FHL may very well have all of the Chicago Parish records on film
in their standing collection. If not they can order them for you.>snip<

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>Subject: 1870 census addesses- 8th ward. Can these be determined?
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>Our LYONS ancestors and relatives lived in the 8th ward of Chicago at the
>time of the 1870 census. Is there a way to determine addresses before the
>1871 fire? I am trying to locate the closest Catholic church to their 1870
>address to see if I can find baptismal records or a marriage record for
>William Lyons and Annie McDonough Lyons' first children.
>They belonged to Sacred Heart at 19th and Peoria by 1874.
>Jennifer Lyons

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