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Subject: Fwd:Dad, why do they make such a production of St. Patrick's Day?
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:09:01 -0800

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Dan Hogan

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> Dad, why do they make such a production of St. Patrick's Day
> When the Irish are really Johnny Come Latelys to the USA?
> They didn't arrive until about eighteen forty-eight,
> After Eire's potato crop failed and they had to emigrate.
> They had no choice, it was leave home or die of starvation,
> So they came in steerage by the thousands to our nation.
> Son, obviously what your history books fail to say,
> Is, the Irish have been around forever and a day.
> When Columbus first landed on the shores of our land,
> Patrick McGuire was the first to make footsteps on the sand.
> And when you scan the roster of the Santa Maria's crew,
> You find many, many more Gaelic names on that list too.
> Half of the soldiers in the Colonial Army were born in Ireland,
> Many Murphys, 230 O'Briens, 872 Kellys, were in Washington's command.
> Eleven of his Generals had fighting Irish blood in their veins,
> John Barry, our first Commodore controlled the sea lanes.
> Washington himself belonged to the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick,
> He knew the British and the Hessians, The Irish Brigade would lick.
> Now, run your eye down the signers of the Declaration of Independence,
> Thornton, Wilson, Taylor and Smith were born Irish, thanks to
> Providence.
> McKean, Read and Rutledge were of pure Gaelic parentage,
> Whipple and Hancock had Irish mothers, Lynch and Carroll, Celtic
> lineage.
> The first Continental Congress addressed Ireland in the year 1775,
> To say that thanks to the help of the Gaels, America would survive.
> An ancient leprechaun told me one soft summer day in Kildare,
> That Paul Revere never would have made it without his fine mare.
> She was an Irish hunter from Lismore by of Shamrock,
> With great stamina and grand conformation from withers to fetlock.
> She hated tyranny, the Crown and the tangled webs they spun,
> So she ran like a whistling wind from River Charles to Lexington.
> So, Son, I see nothing wrong in a big celebration on March seventeen,
> With all our nationalities, waving and wearing the green.
> Let McNamara lead his band, let Clancy lower the boom,
> Let the thunder of marching feet wake Cromwell in his tomb.
> For if it wasn't for the help of the clans from the Irish Sea,
> America might not be the home of the brave and the land of the free.
> Author Unknown
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> Pat Connors, Sacramento CA
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