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Subject: William Fahey
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 14:59:43 EST

Hi listers,

I'm looking for William Fahey/Fahy and his wife, Sarah Blaine and his
children Josephine and John Francis. All were born in Ireland and arrived through
Ellis Island on April 7, 1920. The person listed as the nearest relative in
Ireland is William's mother on New Antrim Street (I found that amusing because
my Mayo cousin currently owns a house on that street).

William and Sarah were married in 1911 at Crimlin Chapel which is located in
Turlough Civil Parish near Castlebar, Co. Mayo Ireland.

They were scheduled to go to Carney Iowa according the ship manifest but
stayed with William's sister's family (O'Malley) 3919 Potomac Ave in Chicago.
The sister was Sarah O'Malley and her husband was Thomas O'Malley. William and
Sarah Fahey arrived after the 1920 census. That particular census was taken
in January.

I cannot find the Faheys on the 1930 census anywhere in the US and the
O'Malleys were no longer living at 3919 Potomac Ave. They are living in Lyons
Township Cook County. I think Sarah Fahey O'Malley was the second wife of Thomas
O'Malley because it's noted Thomas was married at 24 and Sarah was 31 yet both
are same age in that census. In addition there are two older sons who are
listed separately from the younger children (under the younger children).

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm interested in Sarah Blaine Fahey.
Her mother and my grandfather were first cousins on Crimlin townland.


Nora Hopkins FitzGerald
Commauns townlands in Mayo

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