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From: Jim & Sharon Kavanagh <>
Subject: Fwd: Cemetery Records
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 19:00:49 -0800

Does anyone know what cemetery this refers to?

>The first cemetery in Chicago was the cemetery that was located in what is
>now Lincoln Park. In case you are not familiar with Chicago, Lincoln Park
>is located along Lake Michigan from North Avenue north to Fullerton
>Avenue. The people of Chicago were buried in this cemetery until sometime
>in the 1860's. The cemetery was closed and the bodies were moved. A lot of
>the Catholic burials in this cemetery were reburied in Calvary Cemetery.
>I am not really have much knowledge of this original cemetery which was
>actually run by the City of Chicago. I do not know when the City of
>Chicago stopped burying people in this cemetery and when the burials that
>had already taken place were moved to other cemeteries. However, some time
>next year, the Chicago Genealogical Society is hoping that they can
>publish a book listing the burials that took place in the Chicago City
>cemetery. The CGS is in the process of putting together the information
>that they have found on the burials at the Chicago City cemetery.

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